Beat a drug test

Nowadays you may face passing a drug test at the moment you least expect this. For example, you may be asked to pass a urine or saliva drug test when applying for a job. Also, there can be a random drug testing at work or at school. So how can you pass a drug test, a test for weed in particular, if you know there are some undesirable substances in your body?


First, you should be aware of the fact that drug tests detect not only drugs themselves, but also their metabolites. These are substances produced by your body when it processes the drug. The thing is metabolites may remain in your body for quite a long period of time. In case with marijuana, the metabolites may be detected by a urine test even after 30-40 days after you smoked it last time. And a hair drug test is able to show the presence of the metabolites after a 90-day period. In general, marijuana being one of the least harmful drugs is quite likely to cause you to fail drug tests exactly because of the pot’s long detection period.

Why nobody can tell you the exact number of days you need to become clean? This is because detection periods depend on numerous factors: types of drugs, frequency of use, rate of metabolism, weight, age, etc. For example, thin people have higher rate of metabolism, so they are likely to beat a drug test. So we suggest you buy some home drug test product and calculate the time you need to get rid of the substance traces.

Also, the chance of your passing or failing the test depends on the type of the test you are supposed to take. For instance, saliva test (mouth swab test) is not as efficient as other testing methods in detecting weed use. A hair drug test, on the contrary, is the most accurate, but it will not show the use of any drug within the past week or two.

When you are told to pass a urine test for weed, bear in mind you don’t have to be absolutely clean! First, they will run a primary test. The so-called “presumptive positive” level there is 50 nanograms of THC (the substances which marijuana contains) metabolites per milliliter. If you don’t exceed this level, you will pass the test. But if you do, another, confirmatory, test will be conducted which will show the exact amount of THC.

Take into consideration that about 250 legal medicines may influence your drug test results. Due to such a widely-used drug as Ibuprofen, for example, you may be tested positive for marijuana. Taking Ampicillin or Amoxicillin could be mixed up with using cocaine.

So, how can you beat a drug test? There is such a popular technique as simply drinking a lot of water. This can supposedly dilute drugs and metabolites, and the result of testing will be lower than 50 ng/ml. However, be careful! The colour of your urine may become too pale, and you will be suspected of cheating. As a way-out you may try taking vitamin B2, which makes urine yellow.

You might as well take up exercising. As we know, THC stores in fat cells, so when you start burning them up, the metabolites will be released and cleaned out of your body. It’s important that you should not exercise right before testing!

It’s unlikely that you will cheat by saying you were a “passive” user and that you were accidentally exposed to second-hand smoke. In that case, the level of THC would be much lower than presumptive positive 50 ng/ml: something about 5-10 ng/ml or so.

If you don’t have weeks or months at your disposal to get clean, we offer you a number of products which will definitely help you with your problem! In general, there are several ways to beat a drug test. In case with a urine drug test, you may substitute your urine with synthetic urine which is guaranteed drug free. Also, it’s possible to use additives: you put them in your urine sample: some of them will destroy the traces of drugs, others will block the test’s capacity to detect them. If you are to pass a hair drug test, try a special shampoo which can wash out metabolites. And, of course, there’s a wide range of pills and liquids when you have to get clean in a hurry. So, we recommend the following.